Think of this as two people in cahoots, taking a walk (or hanging out at your house, or exploring a museum) and getting photos while we’re at it. For an hour and a half, we will work together to make photos that express who you are - no awkward poses, and puns guaranteed. Afterwards, you get an online gallery of images delivered straight to your inbox ready for printing and sharing.


At your wedding, the most important thing is not the photographs. The most important and lasting thing is the marriage the two of you are forming, the love that you are expressing towards one another. I try to document that love just as it is, with little in the way of formality, and a lot in the way of soul-bursting joy, uproarious family moments, quick kisses, sweet tears, and the quiet time you snatch for yourselves. For a typical wedding I am around for eight hours, collaborating with you and working tirelessly to capture the feel of your day.


PS: Have camera, will travel! If you don’t live in the Raleigh area, don’t hesitate to reach out and see if I can come to you (a good meander out of my hometown is literally my favorite thing, so don’t be shy!).

I’ll be on the ground at your business all day, encapsulating what makes your business tick. Throughout the day I will be on the lookout for staff, products, your overall process, and client interactions. Four weeks later, you will have a collection of images on a flash drive, ready to share with the people you serve. Don’t think you need me around for a whole day? Let’s talk and figure out a package that works best for you.


By some happy coincidence, I inherited my grandmother's 'tell me your life story' air. This combined with an insatiable curiosity about how the world works and a mind searching for details ensures that I get to the heart of a story, with proper reverence to the Almighty Deadline.

$ - Varies by assignment