Bill and Mary : Couple's Portrait Session

I've known Mary and Bill since I was about nine years old. In fact, it feels odd to use their first names, because to my entire church they are known as GranMary and Gan. They have served as our community grandparents; she has taught more girls to knit than I can count, and he has regaled all of the young people with tales of his time as a fighter pilot in World War II. In their almost seventy years of marriage, they have been forever adventurers - a good story is never far away when talking to these two. From their World War II days to times as school teachers in remote Alaska to raising kiddos in beautiful California, they have grown beautifully together. Since a lot of what I do is to capture young/fresh/new love, I jumped at the chance to document a love that is mature, enduring, and still as sweet as the first day (possibly sweeter). One of their traditions is to walk to the top of their winding country driveway every evening. On this particular night in September, they let me join them. 


"What is one thing you love about him?"

"His sense of humor."


"What is one thing you love about her?"

"She's so young!" (both proceed to crack up)